Car Loans

Car Loans

Purchasing a vehicle whether new or used there are numerous options whether it is for the family or the business.

Our interest rates are competitive; we can arrange Pre-Approval finance, early repayment options and suitable car loan protection insurance.

Whether purchasing an established business or setting up a new business, finance options are available whether it be secured residential lending, commercial security or no security at all! We can help you find a solution for your needs.


Business can borrow funds to purchase the vehicle/ equipment, vehicle/ equipment security is used as way of a mortgage to the lender and the client owns the vehicle. Flexible payments options, no deposit required and repayments do not attract GST. Goods are purchase at settlement giving the client the ability to claim the GST in that quarters BAS, the interest component and the depreciation of the asset can be claimed provided the vehicle/ equipment is used to generate taxable income.

Audi Convertible


A lease agreement can be an effective way for a company to acquire assets for business use. Lease rentals are calculated for an agreed time frame with the rentals normally being tax deductable. Agreements are flexible and payments can be calculated monthly or quarterly, half yearly or annually. At the end of the term, a residual value or balloon is paid (predetermined at the commencement of the lease) to acquire the goods from the financier and in some instances can be refinanced to be paid off over a certain period. This way your rentals can be structured to meet your cash flow requirements


An agreement for a business to rent the relative goods for a fixed period of time, customise payments to suit business cash flow and payments are subject to stamp duty and GST
Under the terms of a finance lease, the party taking out the lease normally has no option or right to purchase the equipment leased either during, or at the end of the agreement. However, in practice, most financiers will consider an offer to purchase their equipment for the residual value at the end of the lease term.


Lender Novated Leasing is a flexible, portable and convenient way of acquiring a motor vehicle for both employers and employees. Employees can lease their vehicle of choice while their employer pays the rentals and other running costs (if agreed to) directly from the employee’s salary. Potential tax benefits for the employer and employee and the vehicle maybe leased entirely for private use.